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PM Synchronous Motor

TelcoMotion is pleased to announce an efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor for valve control and other applications. The 50/60 Hz PMS motors operate at synchronous speeds of 250, 300, 375 and 450 rpm. They are much lighter and more compact than standard synchronous motors with the same “maintenance free” advantages. Due to high running torque, small step angle and small inertia design, this motor will promote the control accuracy of the flow and pressure control. Gearbox is available for the PMS motors.


  • High running torque
  • Small step angle: 7.5 and 11.25
  • Quiet and stable Operation
  • Excellent open loop speed control
  • Rugged, reliable, quiet, low profile and cost effective
  • Significant efficiency improvement due to the internal rotor mounted magnets, over standard
  • Available with or without a gearbox
  • Directional Reliability


  • Valve control
  • Office Automation: Printer, Copy Machine, Data Storage
  • Medical Equipment: Analyzer, Pill Dispensing
 Model Number  OD  Motor Body Length  Voltage  Step Angle  Frequency  Speed  Capacitor
  MM MM VAC Degree Hz RPM μF
 AS60-03897  60  38  24  7.5  50/60  250/300  33
 AS64-04297  64  42  24  11.25  50/60  375/450  30

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