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Electric Motors & Controls

For over 27 years, TelcoMotion has provided rugged and reliable electric motors to a wide variety of industry applications. We know that original equipment manufacturers build their products around, and stake their reputation on the reliable operation of the components that we provide. From our electric motors and drivers, to our custom cables and turnkey assemblies, we can provide the technology and experience to meet the most demanding applications with cost effective solutions.

With brushed and brushless DC motors, AC motors and stepper motors, coreless motors and servo motors, linear actuators, gear motors, fans & blowers, and EC motors, you’re sure to find a product to suit your application. Each of our electric motor products can be customized to meet your requirements.

DC Brushless Motors

Electric Brushless DC Motor

TelcoMotion provides both NEMA and Metric frame sizes of DC Brushless motors with ranges from 0.5 to...

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Brushed PMDC Motors

Brushed PMDC Motor

TelcoMotion offers an extremely wide variety of permanent magnet motors in many different sizes. From...

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AC Motors

TelcoMotion Offers a wide variety of AC motors in fame sizes ranging from 1.77" to 4.53" with output...

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Electric Gear motor

TelcoMotion's gear motor line covers right angle gear motors, parallel shaft gear motors, hollow shaft...

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Linear Actuators

Linear Actuator

We can provide either ball screws or acme screws in a variety of configurations. They can be driven by...

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Stepper Motors

Stepper Motor

TelcoMotion provides a wide variety of conventional and high torque hybrid stepper motors, low cost PM...

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Servo Motors

Servo Motor

TelcoMotion offers a wide selection of AC and DC servo motors and amplifiers. Planetary and spur...

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Coreless Motors

Coreless Motor

TelcoMotion has specialized in the design and manufacture of DC coreless motors based on customer...

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Fan / Blower

TelcoMotion offers a comprehensive line of cooling products, including AC fans & DC fans, fan motors...

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EC Motors

ECM Motors

Telco Intercontinental Corp. is developing a new product - EC Motors (Electronic Commutated Motors)....

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To ensure the electric motors you choose are perfectly suited for your needs, our team is available to guide you through your motor selection process. Call 281-855-2218 and one of our electric motor experts will assist you, or push the Electric Motor Request Button.