BLDC Motor

There are many benefits to using a brushless DC motor, or what is also known as a BLDC motor, over a more traditional brushed motor. The motor BLDC is highly reliable and runs more efficiently than a brushed motor, and the brushless DC motor can be used in a wide variety of applications, making it a well rounded and versatile tool.

Understanding the BLDC Motor Basics

Brushless motors have similar characteristics to the traditional brushed DC motors, but one apparent difference is exactly what the name implies: The BLDC motor model doesn’t have any brushes. What this change means for you is that the BLDC motors are more reliable because there is less equipment to deal with. Without the use of brushes, the BLDC motor is also more durable and has a longer longevity than brushed motors, which, in turn, allows your company to save money on additional expenses related to future maintenance or full replacement of that equipment. As the brushes can also wear out during the course of operating the motor, this can cause sparking and may lead to fire hazards, additional concerns and expenses for your company.

The BLDC motor efficiency over that of a traditional brushed motor is another benefit to using a brushless motor. Brushless motors have an overall higher speed and torque, and produce less noise than traditional brushed motors. They also run more efficiently and have little or no power loss, which is a problem that can accompany brushed motors due to increased friction caused by the brushes. BLDC motors have reportedly hit 85 to 90 percent efficiency margins, which is higher than the standard brushed motors at 75 to 80 percent.

Brushless DC motors must also be electronically commutated, which means the motor is regulated by a control mechanism. That feature allows the 3 phase BLDC motor to change speeds at varying degrees along with the ability to quickly accelerate and decelerate to provide for the most efficient use of power and productivity when it comes to output. BLDC motors also typically weigh less than a brushed motor, but they have the ability to provide similar power outputs. With the capability to provide high speed performance and efficient operation, the brushless DC motor is an obvious choice that can be used in multiple applications across a range of industries, including:

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Electrical vehicles
  • Pumps
  • Laboratory equipment

Moreover, most modern devices have incorporated BLDC motors, making them a clear choice above the traditional brushed motors.

Telco: Your Trusted BLDC Motor Suppliers

TelcoMotion, a division of Telco Intercontinental Corporation, has provided high quality motor solutions for years and is one of the well-respected BLDC motor manufacturers in the country. With our in-house design and engineering capabilities, Telco is a one-stop solution for all of your motion control needs. We can assure you that our highest commitment is to our clients, and we value their reputations as much as we do our own.

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