Condenser Fan Motor

If your refrigeration or heating unit is not in proper working order, there may be a problem with your condenser fan motor. Condenser fan motors are used in a wide variety of heating and cooling applications, such as:

  • HVAC equipment
  • Vending machines
  • Food and beverage coolers
  • Display cases
  • Numerous fan duty applications

If the motor that controls the condenser fan blades shuts down, then the entire unit may be rendered useless.

TelcoGreen, a division of Telco Intercontinental Corporation, has provided durable, reliable and cost-effective motion control and specialized equipment to a variety of industries for more than three decades.

Fan Condenser Motor Basics

Our condenser motor, which is the motor that turns the fan in a condenser unit, is specially designed to a high-quality standard that allows for expert control and trouble-free operation.

At its most basic level, the condenser parts usually include the motor, fan, condenser coils, and some type of housing for the entire unit, along with inlets and outlets from which the air is drawn and distributed. The condenser fan motor wiring is also connected to some outside power source.

The typical operation of a fan condenser unit is to transport air from an outdoor unit across a condensing coil. As that process is achieved, and because we aren't using an evaporator coil, the condensing coil transfers heat to the air which allows the refrigerant to condense from a gas back to a liquid form. The primary job of the condenser motor fan is to provide enough torque at a reliable and constant level so that the fan can properly pull air into the unit and through the condensing coils. All of the moving parts come together to achieve one function, which essentially is to move heat from one place to another location.

Basic Problems

The motor is usually connected via direct drive to the fan. Therefore, if the motor is not working, then the fan will not spin.

The condenser fan motor in a unit used only as an air conditioner may see some problems during the winter. The reason for this is due to it sitting idly during several months of the year when temperatures are lower and therefore air conditioning is not a desire for many people. On the other hand, a motor can also be used in a heat pump application. That motor will be used during the winter because the heat pump motor must run in order to produce heat. But with any motor, overuse can typically cause the lifespan to be reduced.

Telco’s Solutions

Telco's heat pump condenser fan motors are durable enough to perform in the frigid temperatures of deep winter, while also being highly reliable to function properly in an air conditioning unit, even after months of standing idly by during those periods of extended colder temperatures.

Moreover, Telco's creatively designed motors have an outer shell and casing that is water-resistant and helps to protect and safeguard the inner workings from becoming subjected to moisture, which is known to be a major hindrance to a properly functioning and adequately operating motor.



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