COVID-19 and AGV/ AMR Technology

Pandemic AGV and AMR business research has uncovered new and emerging application requirements independent from traditional revenue sources like logistics and manufacturing.

Here are the key emerging sectors that are utilizing AGV/ AMR technology:

  • Healthcare: Hospital trolleys for food, laundry, waste disposal, general supplies, medication, sterile supplies.
  • Retail and Inventory Management
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation & Maritime: Transporting large aviation parts and associated equipment to assigned destinations.
  • Data Platforms and Remote Sensing
  • Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals: Moving heavy, toxic drums safely and securely to disposal stations.

A surge in growth within the e-commerce market has been the principal driver for AGV/ AMR demand in automated warehouse operations. Global e-Commerce sales have grown by 25% over the last decade, reaching approx. $3.5 trillion worldwide in 2020. This will grow to approx. $7.5 trillion by 2025.

Notwithstanding the short-term difficulties created by the pandemic, the AVG/ AMR industry predicts that lost revenue in 2020/ 1 will be more than upturned over the next four years, and by 2024 revenues will be nearly $800 million higher than they would have been if COVID-19 had not happened.

The robotic producers that are most profoundly impacted by the pandemic will be merchants focused on long-lasting manufacturing, like the automotive industry, which typically need extra high-priced capital expenditure demand in order to satisfy the complex integration and commissioning.

The most significant current adopters of robotics and general merchandise also comprise the merchants that are hurting the most from the pandemic. Additionally, the pandemic has truly created new opportunities for those mobile robot vendors that offer low-cost passageways for market adoption.

Examples are rentals and robotics as a service (RaaS), which now grant remarkably compelling solutions that allow a speedy ramp-up and uptake for retailers.

Similarly, AMR vendors are able to ship their robots and provide commissioning support via remote connectivity and communication so as to avoid any local intrinsic social distancing restrictions.

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