DC Brushless Motor

Users of a brushless DC motor will experience a longer lasting, more efficient, more reliable and safer option than that of a traditional brushed motor.

TelcoMotion, a division of Telco Intercontinental Corporation, has a full line of high quality and dependable brushless DC motors to meet all of your application needs.

Telco’s Efficient, Reliable and Cost-Effective Solution

The primary function of DC motors is to transform electrical power into mechanical power through the use of magnetic interaction. Efficiency is the output of mechanical power from a machine relative to the electrical input power that machine receives. Each type of motor can have varied efficiency margins based on a number of factors, such as gear assemblies, lubricants, friction, natural wear and tear, among other things.

Traditional DC brushed motors are already a highly efficient type of technology, reportedly running in the 75 to 80 percent efficiency margins. But the DC brushless motor has the ability to operate at even more effective range, with efficiency margins in the 85 to 90 percent range.

In conventional DC motors, magnets are located on the stator, which is the stationary piece that the rotor moves around. In brushless motors the magnets are on the rotor. Brushed motors rely on brushes making contact with the current and the use of stationary permanent magnets. However, as its name implies, brushless motors do not have brushes. Because the brushes of a traditional brushed motor rely on contact, they can wear out more easily, which makes the risk of attrition much more commonplace. Those future maintenance costs are reduced with a brushless motor DC design due to the lack of brushes.

Variable Load Speed Range

Brushed motors require what’s called a commutator, which alters the magnetic phase within the motor to keep the armature moving. In a DC motor with a brushless design, the commutator is replaced by an electronic control function that operates the rotation of the armature. The most widely used motor for DC brushless designs are three-phase motors, which allow the speed of the motor to vary at different rates. That level of control further enhances the different applications in which a DC brushless motor can be used.

Our motors can be used across a variety of applications including:

  • Fuel Controls
  • Dental Surgical Tools
  • Respirators
  • Pumps
  • Robotics and Model Airplanes

Outstanding Continuous Torque Range

Due to our DC brushless motors being electronically controlled, they have the ability to produce different torque and power outputs. TelcoMotion provides a variety of DC brushless motors with both NEMA and Metric frame sizes. Some features of our motor line include:

  • Sizes range from .5 to 3.4 inches
  • Output power of up to 660 watts
  • Incredible longevity
  • Compact size
  • High speed and high efficiency
  • Customizable options

While traditional DC brushed motors are incredibly responsive and easy to control, they rely on direct contact between the brushes and the commutator. On the opposite side of the spectrum, brushless motors typically have a longer lifespan and require very little or even no maintenance at all. Telco’s motor with DC brushless design is an obvious choice for all of your application needs.

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