DC Gear Motor

In the ever-changing manufacturing and industrial world, Telco Intercontinental Corporation has continued to provide numerous turnkey solutions for more than 30 years. Our DC gear motor is just one of our high quality products that can be used in multiple applications across numerous industries.

With customizable options, top quality materials and expert engineering, Telco’s geared DC motor is a superior product in many ways.

Understanding the Efficiency of Telco’s DC Motor with a Gear

Like any equipment operated through gears, the gear assembly is attached to the motor, the speed of which is calculated by the number of shaft rotations that are made each minute.

In many instances, the DC gearhead motor and rotator shaft are attached to one another. The speed with which the rotator moves can be reduced through a gearbox with the resulting outcome of increased torque, which is essentially how much power or force the rotator of the motor has.

The efficiency of a gearmotor most typically depends on the type of gear configuration that has been established. One primary component of that configuration is the number of reduction stages, or essentially the number of gears, that are in place. However, there are several other factors that can have the potential to impact the efficiency of a gearmotor, such as ambient temperatures and lubricants.

Benefits to Using a DC Gearmotor

There are many obvious benefits to using a gear DC motor over traditional motors, but there are also some other benefits that may not be as obvious. For one, gear motors with DC power are typically quieter than other traditional motors. While the use of these types of motors is more typical in industrial settings where noise is not a big concern, the use of a gear motor with DC power can come in handy when a quieter operation is required.

One major benefit to using DC gearmotors is that gear assembly can be specifically designed to increase torque. In addition, gear workings can be adjusted to reduce the speed to essentially any desired outcome, which allows for incredible control across multiple applications.

All of our gearmotors are easily installed and operate quietly, but maintain an incredible level of strength and the ability to operate at high efficiency for long periods of time. Telco’s DC gearmotors are top-rated in:

  • High Efficiency
  • High Performance
  • Durability
  • Reliabilitys
  • Cost-effectiveness

With the ability to produce high torque and low shaft speed, Telco’s DC gearmotors are the obvious solution to all of your toughest applications.

Telco’s Cost-effective Solutions

Telco’s DC gearmotors are designed to withstand large unusual loads, such as an unforeseen resistance of torque, for a period of time. Many of our gearmotors are housed in precision die cast aluminum and fixed with hardened steel shafts, which make them extremely durable.

Telco’s plastic gearmotors are available in 6 and 24 DC volts, with sizes ranging from 1.14” x 1.54”; 2.52” x 2.75”; and 2.52” x 3.54”. However, Telco’s line of superior power transmission products and gearmotor solutions also include:

  • Hypoid – Helical Gearmotors
  • Hollow Shaft Gearmotors
  • Inline Gearmotors
  • Parallel Shaft Gearmotors
  • TG3 Gearmotors

With our in-house designs, we have the ability to customize any number of motion and power transmission solutions to meet our customers’ demands and exceed their expectations.



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