Electronically Commutated Motor

Electronically commutated motors (ECMs), also called brushless DC electric motors, are specialized motors that can be used in any number of commercial, vehicular, or residential applications. If your company is looking to source components for its ECM motor drives, working with Telco is one of the best choices your company can make.

Why Sourcing Electronic Commutated Motors Is Critical

Whether it's an electric vehicle or a whole-building HVAC system, the electronic commutated motor is one of the most critical components. If the ECM -- electronically commutated motor -- fails, the end product designed and sold by your company will, too. Repairs to an ECM can be incredibly expensive, especially if the component parts of the motor itself were poorly or cheaply made.

Additionally, your production and sales are tied to the reliability of your supply chain. When it comes to critical components, having a brand you can rely on to meet deadlines and provide top-notch service at every step from design to delivery is a need, not a want. If components like ECMs are not manufactured and delivered in a timely manner, then your company stands to lose valuable contracts or customers, not to mention the potential for damage to your brand.

Don't Risk EMC Failure in Your Products!

Aside from potential problems to your production and supply chain, going with an unreliable source for something as critical as an ECM can result in overall product failure. While your company didn't produce the faulty electronically commutated motors, your customers won't know that (or simply won't care). Repairing or replacing an ECM can be a massive financial burden to your customers. Wouldn't you rather provide them (and yourself) with the peace of mind that comes from trusting your supply chain and the engineers who helped integrate the ECM into your product design?

Even if the failure occurs while the end product is under warranty, thus costing the customer a reduced amount for repairs, other secondary impacts from that failure could turn a once loyal customer into someone who will never do business with your brand again. Imagine the stress of experiencing an ECM failure while driving an electric car or coming home to a fridge with a failed ECM and no groceries to make your family dinner. You can't gamble with shortcuts and unknown suppliers when it comes to something as integral to an end product as the electrical commutated motor!

TelcoGreen Is the Go-To Brand for ECMs

Teclo prides itself on offering incredibly efficient and cost-effective electronically commutated motors and similarly critical components for manufacturers and designers of a variety of products. From next generation electric vehicles and mass transit options to cutting-edge refrigeration units, the energy efficiency ratio of ECMs make them a wise investment for companies with a need for high quality end products that are also energy efficient.

The technologies that make ECMs so efficient and effective are only a few decades old, and they can offer not only very impressive weight-to-torque efficiency, but also excellent speed response. When you need to source high-quality but appropriately priced electronically commutated motors, Telco should be the first company you contact!

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