Right Angle Gearmotor

What Is a Right Angle Gearmotor?

A right angle gearmotor is a motor with an attached gearbox that has an output shaft perpendicular to the position of the motor itself. The combination of the motor with the control gearbox is called a gearmotor, of which there are many subsets and varietals. This particular “right angle” placement makes gearmotors with a right angle design perfect for compact applications in small spaces. An AC Right Angle gearmotor can be a compact and efficient design replacement for a traditional motor. These modified motors can be installed in a variety of products and devices, with uses ranging from retail to commercial and industrial.

What Are the Industrial Uses of a Right Angle Gearmotor?

From beverage dispensers to commercial-grade conveyer belts, almost any device with a gearmotor can be designed to incorporate the right angle gearmotor. In short, right angle gearmotors can be used in dozens, if not hundreds, of commercial and industrial applications. There's a good chance that if your company produces or utilizes packaging equipment or conveyor belts, for example, that designs including a right angle gearmotor could prove to be efficient choices for your business.

Some of the uses for right angle gearmotors that are currently most common include commercial ovens, commercial packaging equipment, printing presses, and machine tools. While they are not as typical in retail or consumer grade products, there is great demand for many of the commercial and industrial production applications that use a right angle gearmotor. If you need to improve efficiency of you motorized devices without expanding them to take up more space, integrating a right angle gearmotor may be a great way to do so!

Why Work with Telco for Gearmotors?

Telco has years of experience working to source, design, and manufacture critical industrial and commercial components, such as gearmotors. Whether you're intending to install right angle gearmotors in conveyors within your own production facility or are building them into a commercial beverage dispenser that your company is selling to retailers, you need to trust the quality of the motors you're depending on. After all, your brand and company are only as solid as your products and therefore, your reputation.

Telco has an established history of working with companies that need to outsource design and component production. We understand how critical an uninterrupted flow of gearmotors and other components are to the ongoing function of your business. Telco can help with everything from the design of customer gearmotor components for your products to ensuring the continual flow of your necessary components.

Whether you're looking for a Duty AC Gearmotor for closely controllable conveyor belts or packaging equipment or a commercial oven, you can trust Telco to offer competitive prices and reliable, quality components! Telco prides itself on providing excellent customer service to go along with our high-quality and well-designed products; contact us today and find out how simple outsourcing gearmotors can be!



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