Sensored Brushless Motor

What Is a Sensored Brushless Motor?

Also called electronically comutated motors, a brushless motor is a motor that typically includes magnets and can produce quite a bit of energy and torque for its size and weight, when compared with traditional brushed DC motors. Because of the potential for high output, often only limited by heat restrictions, the integration of sensors ensures that the device knows the position of the engine rotor when starting up, allowing for a smoother transition from non-operational to operational. A sensored brushless motor has a sensor built in that can detect the position of the internal rotor at start-up, allowing for a quick start and seamless initial performance. The sensor is typically in constant communication with the computer or individual who operated the device, providing the ability to operate the motor efficiently

A brushless motor sensor can increase the efficiency of the product it is installed in, but it may also slightly increase the price. For that reason, many manufacturers may think that sensorless brushless motors are more affordable. In reality, the time and energy saved daily by the sensor brushless motor that produces reliable starting torque can really balance out the often minimal expense of designing and installing a brushless motor hall sensor for your motor.

What Are the Uses of a Sensored Brushless Motor?

A brushless sensored motor could be used in a variety of products, from a remote-controlled vehicle and similar toys to electric and hybrid electric vehicles that transport live people. They can be used in the fans that cool computers and common home power tools. In fact, a brushless motor with hall sensor can be used for countless applications, both in retail consumer products and industrial or commercial settings.

Sensored brushless motors are efficient and easier to cool than the older brushed DC motors once so ubiquitous in machinery. More and more industries, from computer manufacturers to producers of home entertainment devices, are updating their products and production facilities to make the most of these highly-efficient sensored brushless motors.

Why Work with Telco for Sensored Brushless Motor Outsourcing?

Whether you're new to your industry or simply don't want to invest in completely new manufacturing equipment, Telco can help you design a customer sensored brushless motor for your desired application and then find a quality production source. When you are relying on an outside supplier for something as integral to product performance as a motor, you need to know that you can rely on the quality of the product components coming from your supplier, as well as their ability to provide you with said components in a timely and reliable manner.

From big motors for vehicles to small brushless motors for cooling fans in toys, quality and reliability are critical. Regardless of the typical load conditions, there can be a sensored brushless motor designed uniquely and specifically for your application. Telco is here to help with every step of the process, from the initial design to the sourcing of the finished motor components.



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