Sensorless Brushless Motor

What Is the Sensorless Brushless Motor?

The sensorless brushless motor is a brushless motor that can be highly efficient in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. In short, it is a motor that relies, typically, on magnets and can be used in a variety of products, from electric and hybrid electric vehicles to common household electric tools.

Brushless motor systems are more technologically advanced and efficient than their older counterparts, such as the brushed DC motor. While they can sometimes be more expensive to initially design and produce when compared with older brushed DC motors, their integration into products can lead to greater efficiency. If your company isn't ready to upgrade their motor production facilities, it may be time to consider outsourcing the production of this critical component to a supplier like Telco, who can help with every step from design to final component delivery.

What Are Sensorless Brushless Motors Used For?

Brushless motors are used in devices ranging from DVD and CD players to computer hard drives. A sensorless brushless DC motor could be used in a cooling fan or even in an electric bicycle. While a brushless sensorless motor does require some start-up and warm-up time to ensure the rotor is in the correct position for optimal performance of the motor, what sensorless brushless motors lack in start-up torque, they make up for in power and affordability. They can be integrated into many applications that require the utmost in efficiency and reliability, such as home refrigeration units and HVAC systems that heat and cool homes or commercial spaces.

In short, a sensorless, brushless motor can be used in as many applications as a traditional, brushed motor. The only real limit is the imagination of product designers and the demands of the market. If your company is looking for an efficient but cost-effective motor for any number of applications, it may be wise to seriously consider the brushless motor, with sensorless speed controls to help optimize torque, longevity, and performance.

Why Contact Telco for Brushless Motor Systems?

There are dozens of brushless motor suppliers online. However, few have the experience, contacts, and expertise of Telco when it comes to newer engine technology. Not only can Telco offer highly attractive and competitive pricing on the critical components with which it supplies its customers, we have the reputation and unparalleled customer service you'd expect with a much higher price point.

That brushless sensorless motor is going to be the most important component in your product. You really can't risk ordering from a supplier without a history of timely and high-quality production. If that motor ceases to function for whatever reason, your product will stop working, too. Clients and customers won't care that you sourced that component from an outside company; all they will care about is the hassle of needing to obtain repairs or a replacement product. With something so critical to the perception of your company and its products, you should make a point of working with a company like Telco, with the experience and resources to ensure you're getting exactly what you need!



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