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Telco’s Custom AC Motors

TelcoMotion’s Custom AC motors have a wide variety of output power options to meet application needs. We can also provide complete assembly to install a motor.

Telco’s New EC Pump

Learn about TelcoMotion’s new pump with an Electronically Commutated motor designed to offer intelligent speed control caused by temperature changes.

PM Synchronous Motor Announcement

TelcoMotion’s permanent magnet synchronous motor for valve control is much lighter & compact than standard synchronous motors. Gearbox is also available.

Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors

Vertical shaft motors are a unique solution to the efficiency & high cost issues associated with using horizontal pumps to tap into groundwater supplies.

Conveyor Motors

Choosing the right conveyor motor for the job depends on the requirements for your project’s needs. Learn how to identify the right motor for you

Understanding DC Motors and Robotics

The versatility of DC motors makes them ideal for a wide variety of robotics applications. Here’s what your business should know about DC motors and robotics!