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IntelliGreen® 56 Variable Speed EC Motors

The TelcoGreen IntelliGreen 56 motor is our new product line of variable-speed EC Motors within the Integral Horsepower space. This adjustable-speed brushless motor is ideal for air-moving applications and features precise controls to reduce the energy consumption of your HVAC system. They are a highly efficient alternative to standard motors with the ability to produce […]

High-Efficiency AC Motors

TelcoMotion High-efficiency AC motors

TelcoMotion’s high-efficiency electric motors are a cost-effective choice for AC motors. Operating within the mid-to-high 80 percentile, they are extremely efficient and have a high rating compared to the typical 50-60 percent range that AC motors come with.Our electric motors have various frame sizes, including the NEMA 56 3-phase AC induction motor and PSC motor. […]