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AC Motors

Powered by line voltages, TelcoMotion’s AC motors are efficient and quiet. Our brushless motors are suited for many applications and industries, available in various sizes with different power outputs and RPM speeds. Our AC electric motors can feature a stainless-steel shaft with two or four poles.

NEMA AC Motors

Telcomotion NEMA AC Motors are customizable

NEMA motors are a brand of electric motor from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which began to standardize motor sizes using specific criteria. NEMA motors have specific speed-torque characteristics that will match the speed-torque needs of various loads, making them very efficient for numerous applications. TelcoMotion’s NEMA series of AC motors are highly efficient, have […]

Servo Motors

Telcomotion Servo motors

TelcoMotion’s AC and DC servo motors provide precise, rapid performance where it’s needed most. Seamlessly control position, velocity, and acceleration with our multitude of available encoders, brakes, gearheads, and tachs. Custom power and data control cable assemblies are also available, and the output power of our motors ranges from 60 to 3000 Watts. Whether you’re […]

AC PSC Motors

TelcoMotion AC PSC Motors

TelcoMotion AC PSC (permanent split capacitor) motors are single-phase AC motors that are more cost-effective than other AC motors and are the most commonly used type of electric motor. They come with a variety of enclosures and mounting configurations, with a power output of up to 120 Watts, and in select frame sizes between 3.11” […]

High-Efficiency AC Motors

TelcoMotion High-efficiency AC motors

TelcoMotion’s high-efficiency electric motors are a cost-effective choice for AC motors. Operating within the mid-to-high 80 percentile, they are extremely efficient and have a high rating compared to the typical 50-60 percent range that AC motors come with.Our electric motors have various frame sizes, including the NEMA 56 3-phase AC induction motor and PSC motor. […]