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Servo Motors

Telcomotion Servo motors

TelcoMotion’s AC and DC servo motors provide precise, rapid performance where it’s needed most. Seamlessly control position, velocity, and acceleration with our multitude of available encoders, brakes, gearheads, and tachs. Custom power and data control cable assemblies are also available, and the output power of our motors ranges from 60 to 3000 Watts. Whether you’re […]


TelcoMotion NEMA BLDC Motors

TelcoMotion’s high precision, high efficiency, high speed, and high torque NEMA and industrial brushless DC motors deliver the utmost in value and performance. Special rotor construction along with available integrated drivers and controllers, custom gearboxes, optical encoders, shielded cables, and turnkey assemblies, make our systems an easy choice for a variety of industrial use cases.