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IntelliGreen® 48 EC Motors

Intelligreen 48 EC Motors

The IntelliGreen 48 is our NEMA 48 frame Electronically Commutated Motor (EC Motors) from the TelcoGreen IntelliGreen line of products. It features 90% efficiency and provides high-efficiency motor power for a variety of complex heating and cooling applications. These brushless EC Motors are a cost-effective and reliable alternate solution to replace PSC and current EC […]

TorqueSet® EC Motors

TelcoGreen constant torque EC Motors are specially designed for multi-purpose HVAC and Indoor Air Quality applications. The TorqueSet component offers a single shaft, high-efficiency motor solution with an onboard connector interface for live programming capabilities and drop-in replacement compatibility within existing systems (ex. X13* style EC Motors). The TorqueSet is an excellent replacement for PSC […]