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IntelliGreen® 42 EC Motors

The IntelliGreen 42 is our 42-frame Electronically Commutated Motor (EC Motors) from our original line of variable-speed motors. With up to 85% efficiency, IntelliGreen 42 EC Motors are a reliable solution for many HVAC applications. Not only can it reduce your overall electrical energy consumption and carbon footprint, but it’s also a cost-effective alternative to […]

Cactus® 42 Tri-Voltage EC Motors

Cactus NEMA 42 frame motors are a part of our Tri-Voltage electronically commutated brushless motor line. TelcoGreen Cactus 42 EC Motors motors provide 83% efficiency and are ideal for a variety of unique applications in the HVAC and pumping industries. We carefully design these motors to meet your durability and performance standards and provide optimal […]

Cactus® 42 Dual Shaft EC Motors

The Cactus 42 Dual Shaft Tri-Voltage motor is an enhancement to our Cactus 42 product line. It features a shaft at the front and the rear of the motor and goes through rigorous engineering and testing to meet the requirements of HVAC and indoor air quality applications. The Dual Shaft motor has 83% efficiency and […]