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Hollow Shaft Gear Motor

Learn about Telco’s rugged & reliable Hollow Shaft gear motors. They are designed for ice maker, gate opener & furnace applications ideal for tight spaces.

Worm Gear Motor

When it comes to shopping for a worm gearmotor, it pays to have a deep understanding of what you’e buying. Here’s our guide to worm gearmotors!

The Complete History of Gearmotors

Discover the rich and exciting history of gear motors! By looking at the history, you’ll gain a new appreciation for these fantastic motors & what they can do!

Custom Gearmotors & Their Applications

What is a gearmotor? Perhaps the better question is, what is a custom gearmotor? How can custom gearmotors be used? Find out from the top experts at Telco!

How Do Worm Gearmotors Work?

You’d be surprised what worm gearmotors can do for your business. Here’s an overview of how these motors work and what they can do.