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EasyRoller™ Motorized Conveyor Rollers

Motorized conveyor rollers play a pivotal role in applications such as robotic material handling, sorting, packing, and production lines. Their significance lies in their ability to deliver precise control, enabling superior torque and power transmission in comparison to conventional belt drives. At TelcoMotion, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch motorized conveyor rollers designed to suit a wide range of distinctive applications. Whether you require a readily available solution or a customized one, our collaborative approach involves closely partnering with your team to furnish precise components tailored to your system’s requirements. Our EasyRoller™ motorized conveyor rollers are made with premium materials and come in a variety of sizes to provide the precise motor power you need. 

Product Features

TelcoMotion’s brushless DC and permanent magnet AC motorized conveyor rollers are engineered for enduring reliability. Crafted from top-grade materials, these motors are designed to stand the test of time. With our decades of engineering experience, you can count on receiving cutting-edge performance that you can consistently depend on. 

Versatile and Powerful

Steel wheel geared motor drive and high-torque output, combined with a robust steel wheel design, make TelcoMotion’s motorized conveyor rollers ideal for complex material handling systems. Our BLDC and PMAC motor drives offer reliable operation in industrial environments. 

Long-Lasting Value

With proper lubrication and care, our tightly sealed support components easily deliver a long service life. 


Motorized Conveyor Rollers FAQ

Any lingering questions about motorized conveyor rollers? We’ve got answers.

Motorized conveyor rollers are used in industries where precise motion control is necessary. You may see them in industrial conveyor applications, such as packaging lines and printing presses, but they can also be used for a variety of other processes including mixing machines and escalators. 

The typical drum roller is an integrated motion component, meaning all its parts are contained within one unit. This includes the electric motor, gear reducer, and drum shaft. The drum itself is usually made of stainless steel or aluminum and comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different conveyor belt widths, speeds, and torque requirements. The motorized conveyor roller will be paired with an electronic drive, which allows the user to set speeds manually or electronically. Lubrication is necessary to ensure proper operation and the motor is typically protected with a guard or enclosure. 

The drum of a motor is the cylindrical part that houses the internal components and provides support for the conveyor belt. 

Motorized conveyor rollers excel in delivering heightened torque and superior power transmission, outperforming conventional belt drives. This enhanced performance facilitates improved acceleration and deceleration capabilities. Moreover, their enclosed design and absence of exposed components generally lead to reduced maintenance requirements compared to alternative motor systems. 

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