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When it comes to HVAC-R, Telco offers more than just parts. We’re your one-stop components and solutions partner. From design and engineering to delivery and supply chain management, we’re here to help you every step of the way.



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Gas Products

A custom approach to HVAC-R solutions

When you work with Telco, our expert engineers work with you one-on-one to better understand your specific airflow and dimensional assembly needs. We then leverage our engineering knowledge to design a solution that fits your new or existing systems. While ECM motors are the main component we offer for the HVACR industry, we’re also able to bring in additional components like blowers, terminal blocks, compressors, and more. So no matter the project, be it air handlers, or power roof ventilators, we're ready to help. We do it all to meet your schedule, your project expectations, and lower your total cost of ownership.

You need it? Telco can find it.

Need a stock part? No problem. Whether you're working on heat pumps or fan coils, we have the resources to help you. Our global manufacturing capabilities offer a virtually endless supply of component options. We make it possible by leveraging industry relationships that are over 40 years in the making. That’s why you can expect the highest selection from any name at the best total value to you.

Supply chain & logistics

From energy efficiency to low-cost options to overall performance, only Telco has everything you need to find the right fit, all in one place. It’s why we’ve been a trusted partner to the HVAC-R industry for over 40 years—and we’re ready to be your partner.

blowers for hvac-r

Client details

The client is a major manufacturer of cast iron ranges and heaters. For over 100 years, their products have been built to meet the needs of the American people. Additionally, this client has been considered one of the largest manufacturers of solid-fuel heating appliances in North America.

Problem details

The client wanted to stay ahead of the competition by improving blower safety and decreasing product costs. The problem? The product’s 3-piece housing design required an extra spot welding procedure. Not only did this create an extra cost, but it also created extra chances for air to leak between welded spots, thus increasing safety risks.

Solution details

Telco was on the case. We devoted time and engineering resources to the project, proposing to change the blower housing from a 3-piece design to a 1-piece design. With this change, riveting and welding were eliminated from the manufacturing process to prevent possible airflow loss on the blower. The blower air volume increased by 8% with an additional 10% savings in power consumption. Today, the new 1-piece design has proven to be a better performance blower in terms of power consumption and air volume generated—and at no additional cost to the customer.

Flexibility that works for you

Telco provides greater flexibility to customers through lean manufacturing and operations. Whatever you need, we’ll integrate your goals into our optimized manufacturing program.

Quality assurance at every step

No project is complete without product testing. We make sure every solution is tested and validated before delivery, so you can get down to business as soon as the product is in your hands.

A world of product options

With manufacturers throughout the globe and multiple engineering and design teams in the US, Telco offers the most significant level of product customization and base products available anywhere.

We can find the right fit

With 40 years of experience and vast partner resources, Telco can work with any client. You bring the project requirements, we’ll bring the best solution at the best price.



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