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With technological advancements happening at lightning speed in the medical field, motor components have never been more important to the industry. At Telco, we’re here to help you stay a step ahead with high-quality custom-engineered solutions and stock components that meet strict medical standards.

Solutions as innovative as your product

Innovative technologies aren’t built from a manual. They have to be created. Telco’s seasoned engineers can help custom-design the perfect, high-performance motor solution to integrate into your equipment design. Our engineering experts will work with you and your team, one-on-one, to collaborate,create, and innovate—so your medical equipment designs become a reality.

Stock components that make the grade

For stock components, we’re almost certain we can find them, no matter what or where. Our vast network of relationships with manufacturers enables us to find the best quality components—and all at the best price. From brushless DC motors to linear actuators, our components are high-quality, high-performance,and fit for your particular needs.

Supply chain & logistics

Every industry we work with makes an impact on everyday lives. But few actually aim to save lives. We’re proud to play a role in the rich technologies that elevate the medical practice as a whole, and improve the quality of life of patients everywhere. That’s why, at every step of your project, we work to actively align our actions with your project goals and needs. From custom engineering to supply chain management, we do it all to make sure you have the right solutions on your side.


  • Infusion Pump
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Patient Device
  • Precision Pump
  • Dental Chair

Flexibility that works for you

Telco provides greater flexibility to customers through lean manufacturing and operations. Whatever you need, we’ll integrate your goals into our optimized manufacturing program.

Quality assurance at every step

No project is complete without product testing. We make sure every solution is tested and validated before delivery, so you can get down to business as soon as the product is in your hands.

A world of product options

With manufacturers throughout the globe and multiple engineering and design teams in the US, Telco offers the greatest level of product customization and base products available anywhere..

We can find the right fit

With 30 years of experience and vast partner resources, Telco can work with any client. You bring the project requirements, we’ll bring the best solution at the best price.

motors for medical equipments

Client details

The customer is a manufacturer of high-reliability, precision equipment. These devices are deployed into medical and other specialized designs that are used in applications where performance is critical. These engineered solutions are required to undergo severe duty cycles, while providing a long lifetime of flawless performance.

Problem details

The customer needed a specialized pump motor that would provide high torque value in a very compact size. The weight and size footprint were key deciding factors in their vendor selection.

Solution details

TelcoMotion worked with the customer’s engineering team to define a motor topology that would support their high performance specifications, as well as offer the long lifetime operation required of the system. The TelcoMotion brushless motor was the only solution that enabled the customer to fit their pump assembly into the required space constraint, while at the same time offer a 20% weight savings over the competing solution—hitting their stringent weight targets.


Brushless DC Motors
Brushless DC Motors
Stepper Motors
Stepper Motors
Hypoid - Helical Gearmotors
Hypoid - Helical Gearmotors
Inline Gearmotors
Inline Gearmotors
Coreless Motors
Coreless Motors

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