AC PSC Motors

AC PSC Motors

TelcoMotion’s standard AC motors provide a cost effective choice. Frame sizes of 3.3" and 4.4" are available. Rated output power is up to 1/6HP (120 Watts). We offer a variety of enclosures and mounting configurations.

Product Highlights

  • Moderate start torque and good running efficiency
  • Wide variety of choices in sizes of 3.11”, 3.3”, 3.42”, 3.86” and 4.4”
  • Rated output power ranges from 77.8 Watts to 245 Watts
  • An excellent selection for quality and dependability
  • A variety of enclosures and mounting configurations
  • Office equipment/business machines
  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Electric actuators
  • Pumps and valves

AC PSC Motors

ModelMotor TypeOutput Power (HP)Rated (RPM)Torque (lb in)
PSC84AC Motors1/20 - 1/101550, 30002.02, 2.73, 4.09, 1.04, 1.41, 2.11
PSC112AC Motors1/10, 1/8, 1/615504.09, 5.07, 6.76

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