Power Distribution Blocks

Power Distribution Blocks

TelcoComponents is proud to introduce our Power Distribution Blocks product line. These UL certified power distribution blocks, along with fuse holders and grounding lugs, are suitable for a wide range of power connection and distribution applications. Telco's high quality products, strong design and customization capability, and excellent technical support will meet customer requirements, and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Product Highlights

  • Wide product range coverage
  • Higher amps (Power Distribution Blocks) from 90A to 760A
  • Lower amps (BarrierTerminal Blocks) from 10A to 80A
  • Custom designs
  • HVAC: booster, Air Handling Unit, Water Heater, and etc.
  • Power Distribution Control: Voltage Transformer, DC Distribution Cabinet, Power Transmission and Distribution Unit, VFD (Variable-frequency Drive), UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), and etc.
  • Solar & Wind Turbine: Solar Power System, Solar Combiner Box, and etc.
  • Electric Vehicle: Electric Vehicle, Charging Station, and etc.
  • Elevator
  • Electronics Automation


Part NumberCurrent (A)Number of PolesPitch (mm)Body Material
TP0090902 ~ 1212.7PBT UL94V-0
TP01151151 ~ 317.4PBT UL94V-0
TP0150A1502 ~ 516.1PBT UL94V-0
TP01751751 ~ 320.6PBT UL94V-0, PF UL94V-0
TP02552551 ~ 328.9PBT UL94V-0
TP03103101 ~ 333.8PBT UL94V-0
TP03353351 ~ 328.9PBT UL94V-0
TP03503501 ~ 345PBT UL94V-0
TP03803801 ~ 341.1PF UL94V-0
TP05705701 ~ 345PBT UL94V-0
TP07607601 ~ 328PBT UL94V-0



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