TH3 Series

TH3 Series

TelcoGear's line of high efficiency Gearmotors were developed to meet and exceed today's demand for energy efficient, longer lasting and cost effective power transmission products. Our products are OEM customizable with multiple motor technologies including AC induction (single or three phase) to meet nearly any application requirement.

Product Highlights

  • Easy installation
  • Quiet operation
  • High strength and long life
  • High efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Precision transportation
  • Printing machines
  • Packing machines
  • Food equipment
  • Medical equipment



SeriesFrameGear RatioPhaseVoltage (VAC)Frequency (Hz)Output Power (W)
TH3040, 050, 063, 0757.5:1 ~ 300:11, 3115V, 230 / 230V / 460V60Hz, 50 / 60 / 60 Hz1/8 HP, 1/4 HP, 1/2 HP



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