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TelcoMotion PMAC motorized conveyor rollers (drum motors)

EasyRoller™ PMAC Motorized Conveyor Rollers

By integrating permanent magnets in their design, Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) motorized conveyor rollers eliminate the need for rotor windings and brushes traditionally used in synchronous motors. The result? A unique blend of the robustness of a standard AC induction motor with the precise and controllable performance of a synchronous motor.

TelcoMotion’s EasyRoller™ PMAC motorized conveyor rollers are the preferred choice for numerous conveyor belt systems and applications in today’s energy-conscious world.

Product Features

Compact design

Our PMAC motorized conveyor rollers feature compact and lightweight designs, making them easy to integrate into compressed spaces.

Reliable operation

Our PMAC motorized conveyor rollers are designed to last and built with high-quality materials to ensure reliability and consistent operation over extended periods.

Cost-effective solution

PMAC motors are the economical choice in many industries. These motors provide excellent performance at a competitive price point.

Simple control

The straightforward control system of PMAC motors allows for easy integration and operation, requiring minimal additional electronics or complex control circuits.

High torque at low speeds

PMAC motors deliver high torque at low speeds. This makes them a go-to choice for conveyor belts requiring powerful performance but slow movement.

Reversible rotation

These motors offer reversible rotation capabilities, providing flexibility in assembly lines and factories that require bidirectional motion.

EasyRoller™ PMAC Motorized Conveyor Rollers FAQ

For their compact size, EasyRoller™ PMAC motorized conveyor rollers offer an impressive power output. They offer several advantages, making them an excellent choice for various industrial conveyor systems. These motors provide high efficiency, utilizing permanent magnet technology to reduce energy losses. PMAC motors have compact and integrated designs, with the motor and gearbox housed within the drum. This space-saving design eliminates the need for external motor components like gears, belts, or pulleys. They also deliver high torque even at low speeds, providing powerful performance during starting or at low operating speeds.
Permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motors and brushless DC (BLDC) motors are electric motors that use permanent magnets. However, they differ in their construction and the type of power they are designed to run on. PMAC motors are designed to run on alternating current (AC) power. Conversely, BLDC motors are designed to run on direct current (DC) power.
A PMAC motor can improve efficiency in several ways, including using high-performance permanent magnets in the rotor, which provide a constant magnetic field without needing energy-consuming field windings. PMAC motors also have lower copper losses resulting in less energy dissipation and higher efficiency.

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