Hollow Shaft Series

Hollow Shaft Gearmotors

Telco’s Rugged & Reliable Hollow Shaft gear motors offer a wide range of speeds in a compact size. They are specially designed for ice maker, gate opener and furnace applications. They are ideal for tight spaces requiring high torque (up to 1100 in-lb). Motor power ranges from 1/80 HP to 1/10HP in both AC (120V) and DC (12-48V). The hollow shaft design can be optional with single or double output shafts, and the output shaft diameter can go up to 1” in diameter. For more information (standard/customized options), please contact us.

Product Highlights

  • Housing: precision machined die case aluminum
  • Shaft: hardened steel
  • Bearings: needle and ball bearings
  • AC motor voltage: 120V
  • DC motor voltage: 12VDC~48VDC available
  • Insulation: class F
  • Finish: powder-coat gloss black
  • Ice agitator
  • Gate opener
  • Furnace


ModelMotor TypeOutput Power (HP)Torque (in-lb)Ratio
Hollow Shaft SeriesHollow Shaft Gearmotors1/20906, 470402:1, 208:1

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