motorized roller

Motorized Roller

TelcoGear's line of motorized rollers are the products of choice to replace traditional belt/chain driven conveyor systems with simplified installation, better efficiency and more controllability.

Product Highlights

  • All Precision Steel Gearing
  • Carbon steel housing with aluminum endcaps
  • High precision gears with low noise and long life
  • Equipped with both PMDC and BLDC motors
  • The product specification and manufacturing process follows IEC standard
  • Pre-filled lubrication with maintenance-free design
  • Insulation Class F and IP66/67
  • Customization is available
  • Conveyors
  • Transportations
  • Material Handling


SeriesRoller DiameterVoltagePowerLinear Speed*Max Load CapacityRoller Length
MRB42mm24 V / 36 V / 48 V DC10 W1.2~107 m/min380 N240~600mm
50mm40 W1.5~129 m/min1200 N270~800mm
60mm90 W1.4~155 m/min1667 N270~1000mm
70mm120 W1.6~180 m/min2857 N320~1000mm
80mm150 W2.0~212 m/min4098 N360~1000mm

* Vary with internal gear ratios



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