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NEMA Brushless DC Motor

TelcoMotion’s high precision, high efficiency, high speed & high torque NEMA & industrial brushless DC motors have optimal performance with low noise and long life. Our NEMA/industrial brushless DC motors have special Rotor Construction and are available with Integrated drivers and controllers. Options include gearbox, optical encoder, shielded cables and turnkey assemblies. NEMA/industry brushless with IE is available in size of 17 and 23. We also offer low noise, long lifetime, high efficiency and cost effective NEMA/Industry Brushless DC Drivers.


  • NEMA Frame Sizes 17, 23 and 34
  • High precision, high efficiency, high speed & high torque
  • Compact high performance 8-pole NEMA 17 &34 brushless DC motors are well suited for applications where high torque to weight ratio is important.
  • Special Rotor Construction
  • Integrated drivers and controllers available
  • Optimal performance, low noise and long life
  • 7.8~279 oz-in rated torque
  • Options include gearboxes, optical encoders, shielded cables and turnkey assemblies


  • Electrical Vehicles, Scooters, Wheelchairs, Pumps
 NEMA  Voltage  Rated Speed  Rated Torque  Rated Power  PDF
 Frame  (VDC)  (RPM)  (oz-in)  (Watts)  Download
 17  24  4000  8.9 ~ 36  26 ~ 105 Nema 17
 23  36  4000  7.8 ~ 61  23 ~180 Nema 23
 34  48  3000  49.6 ~ 297  110 ~ 660 Nema 34

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