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Customized Solutions for New and Existing Air Movement and Gas-Burning Systems

HVAC-R systems consist of complex components that must seamlessly work together for optimal performance. Component selection requires one to consider not only performance, but a balance of efficiency, reliability, and cost among other factors to achieve long-term reliable operation.  

The Problem

Condensing fans, heat pumps, furnaces, air handlers, fan coil units, and powered roof ventilators all have unique requirements. No single electric motor or gas product will work for all applications. It is important to find components that meet the requirements of each individual system to avoid poor quality, lack of performance, or obsolescence down the road.

Our Solution

Telco has a range of custom solutions, suitable for virtually any HVAC-R application. Whether you’re looking to switch to an EC motor to improve efficiency or replace an old blower with a newer model with a wider range of airflow performance, we can help. Our expert team will work with you to identify the specific design challenges of your project and offer a solution that works best.

We have a wide range of EC Motors, custom-designed power distribution blocks, space and cost-saving DP & IEC contactors, and gas products such as burners, ignitors, and pilot lights suitable for many gas appliances. In any case, you’ll get industry-leading support through every single step of the process.

Let’s Work Together

Why settle for less? Put Telco’s motion control and supply chain experts to work on your next project.

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