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AGV/AMR Motion Solutions

Automated Guide Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are important components in managing internal logistics. Small and large companies rely on AGV/AMR Motion Solutions for material transportation to ensure better efficiency and allocation of resources.

TelcoMotion has been designing and supplying manufacturers and innovators with the best motors for automated guide vehicles and autonomous mobile robots to date. Our selection of motor solutions provides high efficiency, is cost-effective, and is durable to withstand a range of manufacturing environments.

When it comes to choosing motors for AGV and AMR Motion Solutions, TelcoMotion is the leading choice.

Product Features

Not all AMR motion solutions and AGV solutions are made the same. The best autonomous mobile robots are those built with quality components from manufacturers with a reputation for strong attention to detail—like TelcoMotion.

Our more intelligent AGV/AMR motion solutions and designs exceed the productivity of other options on the market today. They deliver high-speed movement rates for the heaviest of heavy products while possessing durability you can trust for years.

When you buy AGV solutions from us, these are some of the things you can always expect.


Our AMR motion solutions are built with human operation in mind. Precise motion control and robust operating capacities help to always keep personnel safe.

Strength and efficiency

While heavy products often equate to decreased productivity from autonomous mobile robots, TelcoMotion’s products are designed to maximize it. Our AGV solutions hone superior traction and steering features capable of handling a variety of usage demands.



Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are very similar in that they both are used to automate tasks in a manufacturing environment. However, there are critical differences between the two.

AMRs are typically wheeled and require no external guidance to navigate their environment. They use onboard sensors and map data stored in memory cards or advanced control systems to find their way around an operating environment.

Conversely, Automated Guided Vehicles require an external guidance system (such as tape, paint, or magnets) to navigate their environment. They are also typically heavier – specifically designed to carry larger loads.

AGVs are ideal for less complex material handling jobs, often involving pre-planned tasks and routes. More fluid environments with lots going on can particularly benefit from the AI-driven intelligence AMRs offer.

By moving heavy products at high speed more smartly and efficiently, AGVs and AMRs provide a level of automation that can drastically improve operational efficiency. They can reduce the labor cost of manual handling while making warehouses safer (by eliminating human error).

AGVs/AMRs can be used in warehouses for automated inventory tracking, picking/sorting tasks, palletizing/de-palletizing goods, and more. They can also be used in hospitals or retail stores for autonomous shopping carts or delivery bots.

AMRs and AGVs are two subtypes of a system in and of themselves. Unmanned Ground Vehicles, or UGVs, include robot cars, trucks, and tractors used to transport goods. Items can be further broken down by specialty and module within these dual categories.

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