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Efficient and Durable Drive, Lifting, Steering, and Traction Systems for AVG/AMR

In the modern age of automated machines and robotics with artificial intelligence, the motors
that power these machines are more important than ever.

From self-driving forklifts to industrial robotic arms and automated transportation solutions, electric motors play a pivotal role in making sure these machines run smoothly and consistently. Whatever type of machine you’re using, you want to be able to trust that its internal parts will work seamlessly and long-term.

The Problem

Many robotics projects and specialty vehicles require specialized motors for their unique applications. Until now, finding the right motor could be a time-consuming and expensive process. Not only does the final product need to be powerful, but also quiet, tough, and efficient.

Our Solution

At TelcoMotion, we offer the perfect solution for robotics engineers and AGV/AMR manufacturers alike. Our comprehensive range of motors is designed to meet the unique needs of your application and provide maximum efficiency without sacrificing on quality or power output. Choose from these product options to suit your automated robotics: brushless DC motors, hypoid-helical gearmotors, inline gearmotors, power distribution blocks, or contactors.

Our DP and IEC contactors work with power supplies and our power distribution blocks are UL-certified to ensure your peace of mind. When you work with TelcoMotion, you’ll have access to customized solutions that suit your business needs – all backed by excellent customer service you can’t find anywhere else.

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