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Gearmotors find application in a multitude of distinct industries, spanning from robotics and conveyor systems to medical equipment and industrial food machinery. Renowned for their exceptional stability and precision in positioning, gearmotors showcase remarkable resistance to load torque fluctuations. 

TelcoMotion provides reliable power transmission, crucial for the seamless operation of numerous systems integral to our daily lives. Irrespective of the nature of your project, we offer a range of standard models as well as customized gearmotor solutions tailored to the needs of OEMs, effectively transforming designs into reality. 

With a wealth of expertise spanning over four decades across diverse industries, you can place your full trust in us to provide gearmotor solutions that epitomize quality, efficiency, and reliability, driving the power behind your operational excellence. 

Gearmotors FAQ

Any lingering questions about AC motors? We’ve got answers.

The gearmotors in the power transmission component industry are broadly categorized as:

  • Right Angle
  • In-line
  • Planetary systems

Helical gearmotors, in-line gearmotors, and planetary gearmotors each offer their own distinct advantages.  

Helical gearmotors are known for their high torque and low noise, while in-line gearmotors feature a more straightforward construction with fewer components that can be easier to maintain. Planetary gearmotors are suited for applications requiring higher torque in limited space and can be designed to provide a wide range of speed ratios. 

Power transmission components like gearmotors are used in all many industries, with the ones that benefit from them most being manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, and robotics. Gearmotors are also used in hospitals for medical equipment and consumer goods like electric lawnmowers and automated garage doors. 

When choosing the right gearmotor for your needs, consider factors such as:  

  • Speed ratio 
  • Input voltage/current type 
  • Temperature range 

You should also consider the ambient environment in which you will be using your gearmotor. 

The power transmission component market is surprisingly prolific in unique builds—there are several dependable power units with varying levels of torque and speed to choose from.  

But we also understand there may be times when the standard offerings of the gearmotor industry aren’t enough to fulfill the needs of your application.  

That’s why TelcoMotion specializes in custom gearmotors, from building automation to commercial ovens, our team provides the dependable component supply that businesses of all kinds need to keep their projects moving. 

TelcoMotion’s portfolio of power transmission components is unrivaled in durability and performance. The variety of helical gearmotors, in-line gearmotors, and planetary gearmotors we offer will satisfy whatever industrial market application you have.  

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