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Specialty Vehicles

Customized Motors and Power Solutions for Specialty Vehicles

Specialty vehicles such as golf carts, agriculture machinery, electric bicycles, and RVs serve different purposes but rely on reliable components to function effectively. In all these cases, reliable components not only enhance the value of the vehicles but also contribute to customer satisfaction, long-term durability, and lower maintenance costs. 

OEMs and suppliers should prioritize quality and reliability when selecting components for these specialty vehicles, as it directly impacts their overall performance and longevity.

The Problem

Brushless motors, helical gearmotors, curved blowers, and power distribution blocks are not all made equal. These systems involve complex engineering that requires a keen eye for detail. Pick the wrong product, and you’ll be stuck with a machine that doesn’t work as it should, or even worse, does not work at all.

Our Solution

TelcoMoton is a trusted name in all-things specialty vehicle motors. We supply the largest of companies to the very smallest with innovative solutions they can rely on to keep their assets moving. Whether residential or commercial, TelcoMotion has the electrical motors you need. Our brushless motors, gearmotors, and blowers can be adapted to work with practically any vehicle, from lawnmowers to golf carts and more.

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