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External Rotor Brushless DC Motor

Pairing high torque with unbelievably quiet operation, TelcoMotion external rotor brushless DC motors check off every box on your wish list.

These motors have been designed with advanced technology to produce maximum efficiency, increased power density, and extreme reliability in even the harshest of environments. Superior quality components allow you to operate underload for longer without fear of overheating or premature failure.

Whether you’re looking for a high-torque and low-speed solution or an incredible power density output, TelcoMotion brushless DC motors are the perfect choice. Our innovative technology sets the standard for performance and reliability in all applications, from consumer electronics to industrial automation.

External Rotor motors

About the External Rotor Brushless DC Motor

The external rotor brushless DC motor (BLDC) is a fast and efficient type of motor widely used in many industries, from aerospace to home appliances. Unlike traditional motors, which have internal rotors that spin around an axis, the BLDC motor has an external rotor encased in a housing and rotates around its axis.

This type offers several advantages over traditional motors, including higher power density, increased efficiency, lower noise levels, and longer life.

When built by TelcoMotion, external rotor brushless DC motors deliver an even better value. TelcoMotion’s high-quality motors last for years and remain reliable throughout their life cycle. Their unique manufacturing process allows them to offer higher performance levels than other BLDC motors on the market, with lower noise levels and improved torque levels being just two of many benefits.

Why Choose TelcoMotion External Rotor Brushless DC Motors?

Amidst the sea of potential options, you’re probably wondering what makes TelcoMotion’s external rotor brushless DC motors so special. Allow us to encapsulate it in a single word: expertise.

Our company has been manufacturing power units of all kinds for years, with external rotor brushless DC motors being just one of our many solutions. People have come to trust us for systems that outperform, outlast, and exceed standards across the board.

TelcoMotion’s engineers and in-house designers work diligently to design external rotor brushless DC motors that don’t compromise power or performance. We keep safety in mind, with UL certification offered for many of our products.

At TelcoMotion, we can customize and tailor your external rotor brushless DC motor to fit any application you may need. Our motors are available in a wide variety of sizes and specifications. Local warehousing programs and full sub-assemblies enable us to provide customers with better supply chain management and faster delivery times.


External Rotor Brushless DC Motors FAQ

This FAQ section should clarify any remaining questions about external rotor brushless DC motors.

The external rotor design of this type of motor yields greater torque capabilities while also allowing for a more compact form factor. External rotor motors also provide higher efficiency and better power-to-weight ratios than traditional motors.

External rotor brushless DC motors offer several advantages over other types of motors. They are smaller and lighter, allowing for a space-saving installation in many applications. Their efficient performance often results in cost-savings too, as less energy is being consumed to achieve the same output. TelcoMotion external rotor brushless DC motors are more reliable than traditional motors due to their lack of mechanical wear components and minimal maintenance needs.

TelcoMotion external rotor brushless DC motors are designed to withstand industrial temperatures and carry an IP 54 rating.

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