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High-efficiency ECM Motors for Unique Applications

TelcoGreen specializes in the design and manufacture of Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM motors) and complete blower assemblies of all kinds.

Our industry excellence empowers companies to reduce their carbon footprint while maximizing the efficiency of their manufacturing operations.

The TelcoGreen Difference


TelcoGreen has the resources and know-how to build high-performance systems for a variety of applications. Countless businesses – both big and small – turn to us as their trusted partner in motor parts. Specific needs? No problem. Our in-house designers and procurement teams can source special components for your project and provide sub-assemblies to your production facility. TelcoGreen also has warehousing programs to ensure their uninterrupted production.

The use of TelcoGreen ECM motors in HVAC systems results in enhanced air quality, lower energy bills, and a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Our motors guarantee not only comfort but also ensure the HVAC systems run on minimal energy, making buildings greener and more sustainable.

In the food industry, precision and reliability are paramount. TelcoGreen ECM motors bring these qualities to various food equipment, helping them operate at peak efficiency. Whether it’s for mixers, conveyors, or processing machines, our motors offer unparalleled performance. This results in higher production rates, energy savings, and ultimately, a more sustainable food production process.

In the world of fluid dynamics, TelcoGreen ECM motors are revolutionizing the way valves and pumps operate. Our components ensure these systems run more smoothly, efficiently, and eco-friendly than ever before.

With reduced energy consumption and optimized flow rates, industries can depend on our motors for consistent and reliable performance in their fluid transfer processes.


IntelliGreen EC Motors

IntelliGreen® ECM motors (42, 48, 56)

IntelliGreen® is a line of high-efficiency electronically commutated brushless motors for air-moving applications with precise controls. The main difference between these products is the motor diameter; IntelliGreen 56 is a variable-speed ECM motor, which integrates the variable speed driver in the motor.

These products are optimal for furnaces, power roof ventilators, air conditioners, propeller fans, and agricultural exhaust fans.

Cactus Tri-voltage EC Motors

Cactus® Tri-Voltage ECM motors (42 & 42 Dual Shaft)

The Cactus® Tri-Voltage ECM motors have efficiencies of up to 83%. These brushless motors offer an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to PSC and ECM motors in the HVAC and pump industries.

Our Cactus Tri-Voltage ECM motors suit fan coil units, propeller fans, evaporators, variable air volume, and heat pump applications perfectly.

TorqueSetEC Motors

TorqueSet® and TorqueSet® Dual Shaft

TorqueSet® and TorqueSet® Dual Shaft components offer efficiency savings of up to 90%. They’re also cost-effective and reliable, making them a tangible alternative to replace PSC and shaded pole motors for many projects.

The constant torque ECM motor is specially designed for multi-purpose HVAC and indoor air quality applications—it even has live programming capabilities that facilitate testing!

Phoenix EC Motors


The Phoenix™ is a high-speed sensorless ECM motor specially designed for high RPM, direct drive applications where air velocity is critical, including commercial ovens. It has excellent reliability in high-temperature settings and is paired with our remote-mount electronic driver to ensure sensitive electronics remain protected.


Complete Blower Assembly

TelcoGreen offers a range of centrifugal forward curved blowers, such as single inlet, double inlet, and crossflow. Combining efficiency with quiet operation, our blowers can reach a maximum airflow of 4,700 CFM. You can trust our blowers to deliver consistent airflow even in the harshest environments—they are engineered for superior performance in commercial and residential HVAC applications.

Custom Solutions

TelcoGreen specializes in custom solutions for unique applications. Whether you’re a large manufacturer or a small facility, we can adapt the above parts to deliver the performance you’re looking for.

Why Choose TelcoGreen Products?

TelcoGreen bridges the gap between your goals and current capabilities with motor solutions that exceed what any other provider can offer. We focus on providing you with the right EC Motors, whether that is an off-the-shelf product or a one-of-a-kind solution while keeping sustainable design in mind.

Increase efficiency across the board

TelcoGreen uses high-quality materials to design industrial-grade motors fit for a variety of applications. With multiple warehousing options across the U.S. and the ability to choose local arrangements, collaborating with us means signing onto business efficiency at every level.

Quality you can trust

TelcoGreen takes pride in providing customers with world-class industrial EC solutions. From selecting the highest quality components and materials to the rigorous testing that follows production, our commitment to quality is unwavering and uncompromising.

Enjoy hands-on assistance from TelcoGreen experts

Our products are meticulously designed to align with your efficiency benchmarks, and we boast a highly responsive customer service team, backed by expert engineering, in-house design, and procurement teams. Our objective extends beyond delivering high-efficiency motors; we are dedicated to furnishing you with a team of highly qualified experts to support you throughout your journey.

Integrating TelcoGreen components and complete blower assemblies is easy

We offer active support to integrate TelcoGreen solutions into your systems. From sourcing components, delivering complete sub-assemblies to your production facility, and implementing warehousing programs tailored to fulfill your inventory requirements, there are multiple ways we can optimize your production process.

Supply Chain

TelcoGreen’s supply chain management supervises the complete production cycle, spanning from engineering through delivery and post-sales service. This encompassing approach starts at the raw component stage and culminates in delivering the product to fulfill your production requirements. Our rigorous testing protocols and stringent quality control measures guarantee the quality and durability necessary for all your EC motor needs.

How does our supply chain management work? TelcoGreen’s 5-step process:
  1. Planning
    We meticulously strategize and oversee all essential resources needed to fulfill customer demands for your company’s products and services. With a well-established supply chain, we employ metrics to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of partnerships, enabling us to provide added value to our customers while aligning with your company’s overarching goals.
  2. Sourcing
    By leveraging strategic partnerships and established processes to monitor and manage supplier relationships, TelcoGreen can provide the goods and services needed to create the best product solutions for you and your customers.
  3. Manufacturing
    Every stage is precisely executed to ensure that you receive nothing less than the highest quality. We start with the selection of raw materials for manufacturing, meticulously craft your solution, subject it to stringent quality testing, and prepare packaging for seamless shipping and delivery.
  4. Quality Control
    Our manufacturing process includes multiple checkpoints at various stages, both during production and before final shipping. These checkpoints are strategically implemented to minimize complications and mitigate any disruptions in your production workflow. Emphasizing quality control is paramount to the success of each product. We are committed to instilling confidence in the quality of our offerings, ensuring that every delivered product brings assurance and peace of mind.
  5. Delivery and Logistics
    With multiple shipping and warehousing options throughout the country, we ensure a comprehensive delivery and logistics framework that’s tailored to cater to your requirements.

TelcoGreen FAQ

ECM stands for Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM motors). They are also known as brushless DC electric motors and are used in commercial, vehicular, and residential applications. They are a vital component in electric vehicles, HVAC systems, and food production machines.

Cactus Tri-Voltage is an excellent alternative to PSC and ECM motors while IntelliGreen is ideal
for PSC and shaded pole motors. IntelliGreen ECM motors can be configured with an external or
integrated driver to suit your specific application.

TelcoGreen blowers offer up to 4,700 CFM of power and are designed for use in commercial and residential HVAC applications. Their quiet operation ensures maximum efficiency while their robust design allows them to operate in challenging environments.

This depends on your application. IntelliGreen can offer electrical efficiencies of up to 90%, and its design interchanges well with any induction motor. Phoenix is particularly suitable for ovens because it can withstand high temperatures. Cactus Tri-Voltage ECM motors are a good replacement for ECM motors and offer added flexibility by way of multiple shaft options.

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