Variable Speed Motor

Sourcing integral parts of your product line should be one of the most carefully considered aspects of taking a product from concept to production. If your company has products that need a variable speed motor, whether you are looking for a variable speed DC motor or a variable speed AC motor, Telco should be the first company you reach out to regarding variable speed motor component production.

What Is a Variable Speed Motor?

Simply put, a variable speed motor is a motor that has a variable frequency drive or similar technology installed to control motor speed and torque. By placing these key factors of motor performance under the control of the operator, variable speed motors offer a means for products and production facilities to greatly reduce the amount of energy being consumed by the motors in their devices. Whether your company is interested in integrating a variable speed pool motor into their establishing line of pool pumps or is hoping to upgrade the blower on a consumer refrigeration unit by including a variable speed fan motor, these upgraded motors offer energy efficiency and reliability!

Who Needs Variable Speed Motors?

A variable speed motor can be used in a wide range of applications. Any company that is interested in increasing the efficiency of their end product should consider replacing the internal motor with a variable speed motor. While variable frequency drives, which help control the speed and torque of the motor, are typically built for AC motors, Telco is happy to work with companies to produce either AC or DC versions of the variable motor that will ensure a high quality end product!

While the variable DC motor is not common in goods or services, this technology is helping devices and industrial installations substantially decrease their energy consumption. If your company produces motorized devices for industrial, commercial, or typical retail sales, chances are good that you will eventually need to outsource some, if not all, of the motor components. From a variable speed pool pump motor that can work in a community pool or a residential pool to a variable speed blower motor built to help an HVAC system provide efficient cool or hot air to a space, variable speed motors can be integrated into a number of products, making them more efficient to run.

Why Contact Telco About Variable Motors?

There is no doubt about it, a motor with variable speed can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your products. However, as components go, a motor is a pretty integral part of the end product. Whether you are in need of a basic motor or a highly-specialized variable speed ecm or variable hydraulic motor, you need to know that the company that sources your components produces something as high quality as you want your end product to be. After all, if the variable speed motor fails, that means expensive repairs or replacements for your customers. Protect your brand and your customers' bottom lines by working with a long-established leader in component sourcing: Telco.



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