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Benefits & Key Features of Helical Geared Motors 

Helical gearmotors are one of the most common gear types on the market, and they can be used in various applications. Helical gearmotors do offer remarkable important advantages over other gear motor types.

Overview of Helical Geared Motors

The teeth of a helical gearmotor are arranged at an angle relative to the overall gear axis and use the configuration of a helix – hence the name ‘helical gearmotor.’ This arrangement allows the helical teeth to gradually mesh together, eventually developing to form a contact line as the engagement process advances. One of the most prominent benefits of a helical gearmotor is the less noise it creates – particularly at medium-to-high speeds. As the helical gears are always meshed, this results in a smoother transference of geared force from one tooth to the next. This reduces vibrations, increases load, and minimizes wear and tear.

The axial forces perform an important role in bearing selection for specific helical gearmotors. As the bearings must withstand radial and axial forces, helical gears need roller bearings, which are generally larger than the simple bearings used with other gear motors. Importantly, the axial forces will differ in proportion to the significance of the tangent of the helical angle. While larger helical angles provide higher speeds with a smoother motion, the helical angle is limited to a maximum of 45 degrees due to the generation of these axial forces.

One drawback is that the inclined angle causes contact sliding to occur between the teeth, producing axial forces and heat – and this action tends to diminish their efficiency.

Helical gearmotors are the new crop of hard-teeth helical gear reducers based on a compartmentalized design. With its compact structure, muffled noise, exceptional transmission torque, and inherent extraordinary mechanical efficiency, it has provided a new pathway for the transmission-geared industry.

Helical gearmotors are widely used within the following industries and applications:

  • Chemical machinery,
  • Printing machinery,
  • Cement agitator machinery,
  • Ceramic production machinery.
  • Pharmaceutical agitator machinery, and
  • Petroleum and Mining machinery.

Helical Gearmotors have excellent features:


Helical gearmotors can give a maximum torque rating of 26,000 Nm,


Their high efficiency boosts the productivity of the application at hand,


Helical gearmotors have a simplified cleaning capability thanks to their smooth surface.


Helical gearmotors can be treated with corrosion protection, which can withstand forceful cleaning agents.

Other notable features:

Helical Geared Motors have a condensed design with a notably robust cast-iron housing. They are equipped with exceptionally efficient motors in order to operate as efficiently as practicable – even at the maximum torque rating of 26,000 Nm.

The simple maintenance and washable components that helical geared motors possess, deliver a uniform and easy-to-clean surface. This feature is especially relevant when used within the hygienically crucial sectors such as the medical, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

When two teeth on a helical gearmotor are in contact, the connection commences at one end of the tooth and steadily develops as the gears rotate until the two teeth are fully engaged. This continuous engagement process causes helical gears to operate more smoothly and quietly than other gear types.

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