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Benefits & Key Features of Using Inline Gearmotors

Inline gearmotors are typically constructed from one body piece, reducing wear and tear from prolonged use. Their durability is ideal for strong and robust applications for industries such as manufacturing, power robotics, and shipping. However, their unique features are more than suited to the medical industry, where technology coupled with medical applications is steadily rising in popularity, and efficiency, in developed markets.

Inline helical gearmotors can be applied continuously and under demanding operating conditions. Inline gearmotors are manufactured using quality case alloy materials that provide long life, decay resistance, and increased strength.

Inline gearmotors guarantee high operational accuracy and noiseless functioning characteristics. Their leading power-to-weight ratio for all standard units enables a solid foundation in the most difficult circumstances.

Key Features of Inline Gearmotors

  • High efficiency and effectiveness,
  • Extended speed range available depending on the application required,
  • Compact size to suit those inconvenient application scenarios,
  • Robust and sturdy design,
  • Solid shaft design and manufacturing.

If you’re looking to get the highest quality and best performance for your inline gearmotors, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Telco today to find out more about our gear motors.