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Difference Between Blowers and Compressors

Centrifugal blowers, Positive Displacement Blowers, Centrifugal Compressors, fan blowers, air blowers, air compressors, all of these things are essential pieces of equipment. That said, many people including business owners are unaware of the differences between them all. While certain similarities exist, there are many differences between blowers and compressors.

Here an overview of the differences between blowers and compressors. You’ll also learn more about what you can use them for as a business.

What is the difference between a blower and a compressor?

The fundamental difference between a blower and a compressor is that a compressor moves gas or air from one point to another by leveraging pressure. Blowers distribute air and generate airflow by acting as a fan.

There are many different types of compressors and blowers. Positive Displacement Blowers, for example, are used to direct gas or air for various uses. They work by directing air into a pipe to propel the gas. These blowers have rotors that turn at the same speed rotating in opposite directions to pull air into the blower.

What is the difference between a fan and a blower?

While they are somewhat similar in terms of function, there are a few distinct differences between a fan and a blower. Fans use rotating blades to generate airflow while blowers feature impellers.

Additionally, fans are electrical while blowers are mechanical in nature. Fans also use less electricity when compared to most blowers. Although blowers consume more power, they have more robust capabilities in terms of maintaining airflow.

What is the function of the blower?

Blowers have many different functions. A positive displacement blower is used in a vast array of different applications. These applications include automated milking in the dairy industry, chemical vacuum processing, and dry bulk hauling. They’re even used by businesses in the milling and baking industries.

Blowers generate, direct and provide airflow. Many blowers are built to keep buildings free of dust, dirt, and other particles while helping regulate the temperature via HVAC systems. HVAC equipment is essential to the functionality of virtually any building. HVAC systems make buildings liveable and workspaces tolerable.

How is the air pressure in the blower when compared to compressors?

Another difference between compressors and blowers is the pressure ratio they’re associated with. While blowers operate on a low-pressure ratio, most compressors operate on a high-pressure ratio.

This means that blowers require less pressure to direct the movement of air or gas than compressors. The amount of pressure needed corresponds with the strengths and application of the devices.

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