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Guide to BLDC Motors 

When it comes to electric motors, there are a number of terms that can be a bit confusing. They can be daunting and even intimidating at first. But don’t worry, because we’re here to break it all down for you. If you’re ready to learn about BLDC motors, how they work, and why you need to know about them. Let’s get started.

What is a BLDC motor?

A BLDC motor is a type of motor that uses brushless DC (BLDC) technology. The BLDC motor works by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy to rotate the BLDC rotor. The BLDC motor is different than a DC motor because it uses electronics to control the flow of electrical power to the motor.

This means that the BLDC motor can operate at higher speeds and voltage levels, which allows it to be lighter and more efficient. It can also be used in more applications than a DC motor. For example, the BLDC motor can be more efficient and quieter, which makes it ideal for use in aircraft.

How BLDC motors work

The rotor in a BLDC motor is made of magnets that are arranged in a series circuit. Each magnet has two north poles and two south poles. This creates a series circuit with the same poles on each end. The rotor is connected to the series circuit, which makes the rotor spin as current is passed through the rotor.

To make sure the rotor spins, the magnets on the rotor have to be attracted to the magnets in the series circuit. The rotor has permanent magnets inside that are arranged in the same way as the series circuit. When the rotor is spinning, the magnets inside the rotor align with the magnets in the circuit. This creates a powerful electromagnetic field that keeps the rotor spinning.

Why BLDC motors are important

You can think of the BLDC motor as an electric motor that uses a BLDC motor controller and BLDC motor driveshaft to spin a BLDC motor rotor. Using BLDC motors can lead to a number of benefits, including:

  • Lightweight: Because BLDC motors don’t use brushes or commutators to complete a circuit, they can be much lighter than a DC motor of the same size. This allows for more flexibility in design, helping you design lightweight machines.
  • Reliability: Because BLDC motors use electronics to control their rotation, they are much more reliable than DC motors. This can make BLDC motors suitable for use in medical equipment, motor vehicles, and aerospace equipment.
  • Higher Efficiency: Because BLDC motors don’t rely on friction to turn the rotor, they can operate at higher speeds and voltages than DC motors. This allows for more efficiency and reduced wear on both the motor and the drive shaft.
  • Quieter: Because BLDC motors use much less power than DC motors, they are quieter. This makes them ideal for use in automotive applications, as well as any other application where noise is an issue.

BLDC motor types

There are two types of BLDC motors: fixed-frequency and variable-frequency. Fixed-frequency BLDC motors have a constant frequency of rotation. Variable-frequency BLDC motors have a variable frequency of rotation. Both types come in different RPM ranges for use with different applications.

  • Fixed RPM: A fixed RPM BLDC motor has a rotational frequency that is constant throughout each speed setting. These are common in applications that don’t require speed control, including outdoor equipment.
  • Variable RPM: A variable RPM BLDC motor has a rotational frequency that can be increased or decreased via a control system. These are common in applications that require speed control, including industrial equipment.

A few properties of BLDC motors

Here are a few key properties of BLDC motors. Note that these properties are for a fixed-frequency BLDC motor.

  • Efficiency: The amount of power that is used to make the motor turn. This is expressed as a percentage and is a good way to compare the efficiency of different motors.
  • Noise: The amount of sound produced by a motor. Noise can make it difficult to use a motor in a quiet environment, so it is important to understand the noise produced by a particular motor.

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