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How AGV/ AMR Technology Supports Leading Markets

Estimates view the global AGV/ AMR market reaching a valuation of over $8.6 billion by the year 2027, however, if the recent trends over the past few years are any indication, the market will break that judgment much sooner as companies embrace automation to stimulate their bottom line.

Retail Market

Enormous e-commerce players like Amazon have capitalized on the exponential growth viewed in the AGV/AMR market. Now, other retail companies of various sizes, like Alibaba, are driving this sector’s growth. If your business operates in the retail sector and you own and manage a corresponding warehouse, you will benefit from automation.

Current economic forecasts indicate that retailers will push the highest CAGR for the AGV/ AMR market in the years ahead.

Automotive Market

While the retail market is booming, the automotive industry currently holds the largest share of the AGV/ AMR market. Previously the largest auto companies identified the demand for further efficiency that could only be attained via automation.

Presently, it is not just the influential auto manufacturers using AGVs and AMRs for material supply transport and support. Their chief auto suppliers and smaller off-market manufacturers of various parts are also welcoming and adopting AGVs.

Auto suppliers and auto parts manufacturers are always managing their goods and stock levels. Even small auto parts providers delivering items such as windshields, body panels, and batteries, workshop equipment, and reactive liquids are now utilizing AGVs and AMRs to streamline their every movement.

Food And Beverage Market

The food and beverage industry is highly likely to realize the most from increased AGV/ AMR adoption. As online retailing increases and expands, likewise will the ordering of food and beverage goods. This operational model that comprises direct-to-consumer relationships will place enormous pressure on the food and beverage manufacturers to continuously deliver.

Only by automating and optimizing their operations can they do so in an efficient and timely manner.

AGV/AMR technology has proven to significantly diminish incidences of dropped and broken products. It will allow SMB companies to better utilize their workforces, as skilled labor will be freed to serve and operate in more productive capacities than simple material movement.

The benefits of AGVs and AMRs for the F&B market are area and location savings, cost reduction decreases in worker-injury-related incidents, and extremely quick and agile ROIs.

Other Markets

The Automotive, Retail, Manufacturing, and Food and beverage industries will all experience increased future growth, primarily due to AMR and AGV and driven efficiencies.

However, a myriad of additional industries will also profit and progress with the increase in AMR/ AGV adoption everyone is observing. Industries like aviation and aerospace, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, trucking and logistics.

These industries provide a picture of just some of the many that have assertively increased their adoption of AGV/ AMR technology. And as further adaptation rises, so will industry growth overall.

The contrast between AGVs and AMRs is quite noticeable in integration, navigation, and adaptation comparison determinations. AGVs, for a long period of time, have been the only option for reliable and regular automatic transportation since their inception. The investment in this technology over time has led to further affordable opportunities with greater efficiencies.

AGVs can be customized to suit almost any plant or warehouse using simplified applications while keeping costs economical. The most advanced laser navigation technologies can function without the need for laser targets and are acknowledged as free-ranging and natural navigational entities.

These new navigation technologies can obscure the boundaries between AMRs and AGVs. AMRs are an exciting and fresh technology. Their ability to perform autonomously and adapt and self-adjust to their surroundings will present advantages to industries and their particular applications.

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