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Linear Actuator Customized To Your Specification


Telco Motion line of linear actuators provides customers with a wide selection of linear actuators, both AC and DC that can be customized to each user specific requirements. These are globally sourced to provide the most competitive pricing available while at the same time providing a local source of supply.

All Linear Actuators provided are manufactured in facilities that have been personally inspected and qualified for engineering expertise, quality processes and on time delivery. All products are shipped direct to Telco warehouse in Houston for additional quality audits. Warehouse stock is maintained to meet requirements for Kanban plans and just in time delivery.

AC Linear Actuators are available in both 115 V and 230V with up to 1350 pounds of force. DC Linear Actuators are available in 12/24/36 and 48 V with up to 2250 pounds of force. Depending upon the model, a wide variety of mounting options is available as well as variations in both front and rear connectors. Feedback options include reed, Hall Effect and potentiometers. Acme screws and ball screws are available with multiple gear ratios. https://www.telcointercon.com/linear-actuator-id42.html

Application examples include solar tracking, hospital beds, furniture, RV, home care, fitness equipment, medical and a wide variety of industrial applications.

Production volumes are available 12 weeks after sample approval and receipt of order.

TelcoMotion has provided rugged and reliable motion control products to a wide variety of industries for over 27 years. We know that original equipment manufacturers build their products around, and stake their reputation on, the reliable operation of the components that we provide. From our electric motors and drives, our linear actuators, our custom cables and turnkey assemblies, we have the technology and experience to meet the most demanding applications with cost effective solutions.