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Telco Gearmotors in Commercial Juice Pressing

Juice presses have become extremely popular! Millions of people have discovered the advantages of waking up with a fresh glass of juice straight from the press. Moreover, many people have come to enjoy using a juice press to extract juice from wheatgrass.

Of course, there are tons of large companies out there that use a commercial juice press. Here is what you need to know about the reliability of Telco gear motors as they relate to commercial juice pressing.

Why Do Commercial Juicers Need Motors

Have you ever tried juicing a commercial quantity of wheatgrass by hand? Of course not! In order to extract juice from wheatgrass or other materials, you need a mechanical device like a commercial juice press.

Every commercial juice press requires a motor to function properly. Without the gear motor, a commercial juice press doesn’t work. These machines need motors to supply the electro-mechanical power to extract juice from large amounts of raw material.

Food service equipment and food processing equipment like commercial juicers require motorized solutions to function. That said, it is imperative to use a reliable gear motor if you want commercial juicers to last and perform to expectations.

How Do Commercial Juicers Work

Motorized solutions keep food service equipment and food processing equipment running properly and supply them with the power they need to accomplish tasks on a commercial scale.

A juice press machine uses a motor to drive the gear to get the juice out. That is essentially how commercial juicers work. The key is to own a juice press machine that has a well-built motor.

Juice press machines with inferior motors give out very quickly and start malfunctioning shortly after being purchased. Juice pressing motors that are made by companies like Telco are known to last for many years. When it comes to commercial juice press motors, reliability is paramount, and Telco Motors has it in spades.

Even better, juice pressing motors built by Telco are more efficient than many of the other motors you will find on the market.

Experience the Difference with Telco Juice Pressing Motors

If you’re tired of watching brand new juice pressing motors break down within the first few months or weeks of use, it’s time to experience the Telco difference. We stand behind every single motor that comes off of our production line.

Customers trust Telco to produce the finest, most efficient, and most reliable gear motors for commercial applications because they know that we build nothing but the best.

Have a chat with Telco and put our juice-pressing motors to the test!