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The Complete History of Gearmotors

In order to understand the top gear motors and electronic products, it is important to understand the gear motor itself. To understand the gearmotor, you have to take a look at its history. Gearmotors have a rich history, here is an introduction!

From the 19th to the 20th century and beyond, gearmotors have been used in refrigerators, trolleys, and even the subway system!

When Were Gearmotors First Used?

In a sense, gearmotors were first used in 300 BC, in Alexandria. Although they started out as gear boxes, the technology eventually evolved into the electronic gearmotors that are on the market today.

How Gearmotors Are Used Today

So what is a gearmotor? In simple terms, it is an electric motor paired with a gear train. Today, gearmotors are used in applications that require a lot of torque coupled with a relatively low output shaft rotational speed. They are especially favored when space and energy are in short supply.

This means that gearmotors are commonly used to power everything from window motors, to hospital beds and automatic door operators. Whether it is a small gearmotor or a large one, gearmotors silently power some of the most remarkable conveniences of the modern world.

What is a DC Gearmotor?

When you ask yourself what a gear motor is, you must also ask yourself the difference between AC and DC gear motors.

Gearmotors come in two primary varieties, AC and DC. AC refers to alternating current, which means that AC gear motors are configured to use an alternating current. On the other hand, a DC gear motor is a gearmotor that turns a direct current of electrical energy into mechanical power.

Why Are DC Gearmotors Used in Trains?

DC gearmotors are commonly found on trains, but why? For one thing, DC gearmotors are well-suited for trains because of their exceptionally high torque. They are also quite useful when used to power the windscreen wipers on a train.

These motors are also known for their speed control which makes them an excellent choice when outfitting a train.

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