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Cactus® Tri-Voltage EC Motors

The Cactus Tri-Voltage Electronically Commutated Motors (EC Motors) are ideal for various unique applications in the HVAC and pump industries. EC Motors are reliable alternatives to traditional motors like Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motors. These permanent magnet brushless motors offer several advantages including high efficiency, cost-effectiveness, reliability, variable speed control, and reduced noise and vibration.

TelcoGreen offers the Cactus 42 and Cactus 42 Dual Shaft tri-voltage motors which can help solve some of your most challenging production and performance tests. Not only do we strive to help reduce your carbon footprint to improve efficiency, but our components also come with peace of mind. TelcoGreen Cactus 42 and Cactus 42 Dual Shaft EC Motors provide the optimal motor solution for your applications.


About the High-Efficiency Cactus® 42 and Cactus® 42 Dual Shaft EC Motors

All of our EC Motors go through countless hours of design, engineering, and rigorous testing to ensure they pass some of the most challenging performance tests. We can provide off-the-shelf-ready components or custom solutions to fit your end products.



TelcoGreen Cactus Tri-Voltage EC Motors are high-efficiency brushless motors designed to pass your challenging durability and performance tests. Telco motors are not only reliable and cost-effective to optimize your operations but are also very affordable in the industry.

Whether you’re a large or small production facility, we serve public and private customers to meet your challenging project requirements.

We understand projects are unique and we make EC Motors that fit perfectly into those unique applications. Our engineers and in-house designers and procurement teams provide on-hand support. From sourcing components and providing full sub-assemblies to our warehousing programs, you have better operational efficiency and supply chain management. The Cactus 42 and Cactus 42 Dual Shaft EC Motors feature customizable shaft lengths and are ETL certified to meet industry safety standards.

The Cactus EC Motors is a brushless motor with up to 83% efficiency. Our Cactus tri-voltage, EC Motors utilize an AC voltage input and run a 3-phase DC motor all within a compact NEMA 42 frame size.  Whether you need constant speed or constant torque we have a solution for your application. Cactus EC Motors are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective in replacing standard PSC and EC Motors.

These Telco motors are ideal for many heating and cooling applications, such as air conditioners, propeller fans, heat pumps, and fan coil units.

Yes, the Cactus Tri-Voltage EC Motors can replace your current EC motor. Cactus EC Motors are highly efficient and have low electrical consumption. Replacing your existing PSC motor can help you reduce costs and noise levels as there is less friction and heat loss.

The main difference between these two Telco motors is the dimensions. The Cactus 42 Dual Shaft motor has a shaft at the front and at the rear end of the motor.

Cactus Tri-Voltage motors come in a compact NEMA 42 frame and offer up to 83% efficiency, while TorqueSet motors are a NEMA 48 frame and offer up to 90% efficiency. The TelcoGreen Cactus Tri-Voltage motors also offer resilient base mounting in addition to belly band mounting.

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