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Case Studies

Case Study: Robotics

The customer is a groundbreaking medical technology company providing access to life-saving diagnostics and actionable data at the point of care.


The client’s application was automating the transport of a high-end medical analysis system. The main challenge with this system was finding an effective way to automate a highly sensitive electronics measurement system, in close quarters, and across various obstacles – including a ramp requirement.


The TelcoMotion team worked closely with the client’s product engineers to provide a system capable of effectively driving and steering the heavy 1,200lb system, even up a 5-degree ramp without assistance from the driver. Additionally, this system was required to hold position if it encountered a 10-degree ramp, and our power-off braking did the job phenomenally. TelcoMotion’s high-efficiency gearmotors allowed for the longest possible running time without a glitch.

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