PM Stepper

PM Stepper

TelcoMotion has various Permanent Magnet Steppers (PM Steppers) up to 55 mm diameter that are excellent in high continuous torque and equiped with maintenance-free bearings. Bipolar & Unipolar drive circuits are available.

Product Highlights

  • Max. holding torque: 1500 g-cm
  • Low cost, high efficiency, precise step angle, and low noise
  • Size ranges from 15mm to 55mm
  • Bipolar & Unipolar drive circuit available
  • Special features– Lead Screw, gearbox, pinion gear, connectors, shaft modifications, coil resistance, customizable front plate available
  • Office appliances
  • Medical equipment
  • Automotive
  • Machining tools
  • Valve control
  • Precise optical instrument


ModelDiameter (mm)Series NumberStep AngleDrive MethodRated Voltage (VDC)Max. Coil Resistance /phase (Ω)Insulation Resistance
2P15152P1518018°2-2 PHASE5, 7.230100M[Ω]Min
202P2018018°2-2 PHASE6, 7.2, 2440100M[Ω]Min
202P2018018°2-2 PHASE1240100M[Ω]Min
202P2015018°2-2 PHASE10.2, 2480100M[Ω]Min
2P25252P2515018°2-2 PHASE15, 2460100M[Ω]Min
252P2515018°2-2 PHASE12, 2450100M[Ω]Min
252P2507518°2-2 PHASE2450100M[Ω]Min
252P2507518°2-2 PHASE5, 12150100M[Ω]Min
2P32322P3215018°2-2 PHASE1265100M[Ω]Min
2P35352P3507518°2-2 PHASE12, 2490100M[Ω]Min
352P3507518°2-2 PHASE12, 24200100M[Ω]Min
352P3515018°2-2 PHASE12, 2450100M[Ω]Min
352P3515018°2-2 PHASE127100M[Ω]Min
2P42422P4207518°2-2 PHASE12, 345100M[Ω]Min
422P4207518°2-2 PHASE246100M[Ω]Min
422P4207518°2-2 PHASE14, 345100M[Ω]Min
2P55552P5507518°2-2 PHASE2415100M[Ω]Min

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