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AC Motors

Powered by line voltages, TelcoMotion’s AC motors are efficient and quiet. Our brushless motors are suited for many applications and industries, available in various sizes with different power outputs and RPM speeds. Our AC electric motors can feature a stainless-steel shaft with two or four poles.

Product Features

Stainless steel components 

We use high-quality, durable stainless steel for the shaft design and ball bearings. The ball bearings used in our AC electric motors result in less friction torque, keeping the operating temperature low and increasing your system’s lifespan.  

Brake and gearbox options 

The brakes can hold motors in a parked position once the motor is stopped, so system movement will cease when needed. The gearbox adjusts the motor’s torque and output speed, giving you variety in speed and power for different applications. 

Multiple pole options 

TelcoMotion’s AC motors typically come in both two and four-pole varieties, although more options can be provided. A two-pole motor offers double the speed, drawing more power from the battery, while a four-pole motor delivers more torque and is better suited for machines that deal with higher weight capacities, such as motorized wheelchairs. 

AC Motors FAQ

There are many applications for AC motors, including water pumping machinery, commercial air blowers, conveyor belts and other electrical systems, and compressor devices. The benefits of using AC motors are that they fit a wide range of applications, and are often flexible to specific project or industry needs.
From medical laboratory operations to HVAC-R motor needs, TelcoMotion is a trusted name for AC motor solutions across the board. Our revered reputation and unwavering commitment to quality mean you’ll have an efficient product that will last longer and require less maintenance and repair.

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