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AC PSC Motors

TelcoMotion AC PSC (permanent split capacitor) motors are single-phase AC motors that are more cost-effective than other AC motors and are the most commonly used type of electric motor. They come with a variety of enclosures and mounting configurations, with a power output of up to 120 Watts, and in select frame sizes between 3.11” and 4.4”.

Product Features

Efficient running ability

The AC PSC motors from TelcoMotion have moderate start torque and good running efficiency. With a rated output power of up to 1/6 HP (120 W), you can rely on our AC motors to keep running for long periods without any hiccups or need for maintenance, ensuring your operations remain smooth.

Quality and dependability

At TelcoMotion, we only sell the highest quality equipment for your operations. Not only are our AC motors’ quality of utmost importance, but they are also very dependable. When you choose TelcoMotion, you’ll enjoy running your operations without frequent motor repairs or replacements.


EC Motors – or electrically commutated motors – are a specific version of the brushless DC motor but differ because they are low horsepower with integrated drives. These motors are great for HVAC applications and those with lower budgets for controllers. EC Motors motors differ from PSC blower motors because PSC motors use a single-phase design (driven by one AC current, not three), and while they are primarily used in HVAC applications, they offer great benefits.
When it comes down to your application, needs, and budget, EC Motors motors provide a more powerful output than PSC motors and can be better controlled for speed and torque, with efficiency and noise reduction.
PSC (permanent-split capacitor) motors rely on two starter windings that create a rotating magnetic field (RMF), producing torque that turns the motor shaft. Once the capacitor starts, a centrifugal switch opens, disconnecting it and allowing the motor to run using the run winding.
There are some advantages to using a permanent-split capacitor AC motor, including its efficient design. These high-efficiency gearmotors don’t require a centrifugal switch, and the pullout torque is higher. Additionally, the capacitor is permanently connected to the circuit, giving it a higher power output.
EC Motors motors are often about 20% more efficient than typical PSC motor designs. Their efficiency output tends to be around 80%, whereas most PSC designs have an efficiency rating of 60%.

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