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Blower Wheels

Blower Wheels

To meet your airflow needs, TelcoMotion’s blower wheels come in different configurations, including forward curved, single inlet, double inlet, and cross flow.

Our products optimize airflow, which is a key part of many systems. Depending on the system, these wheels may be incorporated in a direct or belt drive setup.

We work with you to customize design elements, including curved blades and specific bearing types, to meet the specification of your application.

Product Features

Design variations

Forward curved, single-inlet, double-inlet, and crossflow blower wheels are available in various designs to meet different airflow requirements.
Forward curved wheels are commonly seen in compact, low-pressure air management applications. Single inlet wheels are designed for systems needing unidirectional airflow, while double inlet wheels are used in situations requiring high-volume, high-pressure air movement.

Bearing type

The bearing type in blower wheels can significantly impact their operational efficiency and lifespan. Bearings are designed to reduce friction and promote smooth operation, enhancing the overall performance of the wheel.

Curved blades

Blower wheels often feature curved blades, a design element crucial to optimizing airflow. The careful design and arrangement of these blades contribute to the overall efficiency of the fan assembly or HVAC system in which they are incorporated.

Direct drive and belt drive systems

Blower wheels can be part of both direct drive and belt drive systems. While direct drive setups are generally more efficient and require less maintenance, belt drive systems allow for more flexibility in speed control and can operate more quietly.

Blower Wheels FAQ

Blower wheel replacement depends on the specific use case and operating conditions. However, it is advisable to carry out regular inspections and maintenance to ensure optimal functioning.
Quality blower wheels can contribute to increased efficiency through their design and operation. Optimized blade curvature can promote effective air movement with minimal energy consumption. The type of bearing used can facilitate smoother operation, reducing potential energy losses. The choice between a direct drive and belt drive system can also influence the system’s overall efficiency.
Blower wheels have a broad range of applications. They are commonly found in HVAC systems, fan assemblies, and vehicle ventilation systems.

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